Sikh youths on flying the flag for Glasgow at the Young Scot Awards 2013

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Young Sikh Leaders are delighted to have been shortlisted.

Charandeep is one of the founding members of the Young Sikh Leaders, who have been nominated in the cultural diversity category.

He said: “It was a very exciting time when we found out that we’ve been nominated because it isn’t something that young Scottish Sikhs have never really participated in before.

“For us, it was almost like we’d won the award already.

“We’ve got a one in three chance of winning but, for us, it is more about taking art in the Young Scot events and activities – winning would be an absolute bonus.”

The network try to educate everyone about the beliefs and values of Scottish Sikhs. They work in local schools, community organisations and public institutions to promote awareness of cultures and celebrate diversity and educate school pupils on Panjabi culture and the contributions Sikhs have made in Scotland.

Charandeep said: “Really the idea behind it is that we’re all utilising our skills and our areas of passion as well as trying to learn from each other to make a difference in Scotland.

“The main objective for us is to promote the values and beliefs of Scottish Sikhs so that people have a better understanding of what the community believes in and does. More importantly, we want to get more people involved in the activities of Scottish Sikhs because they’re universal and are much wider than just the internal community.”