Harinder Singh

I noted two things upon visiting Glasgow Gurduara: Its functional layout in the middle of the city and its young constituents in active roles/spaces.  This ‘center of learning’ is pregnant for Sikh and Scottish heritage revival!

Lord Provost, Sadie Docherty

I am delighted to join the Sikh community at the Glasgow Gurdwara. It’s a truly impressive building. Our city  has been  home to generations of Sikhs and the opening of this £4m special place of worship underlines their huge commitment to this city as well as Glasgow’s multicultural credentials

Nicola Sturgeon

The new Gurdwara is a welcomed addition to the Southside community and to Pollokshields. This place is truly multicultural and I look forward to working with the Scottish Sikh community in the future.

Surinder Singh

This Gurdwara is a physical depiction of the community spirit and values of the Scottish Sikh community!

Kenny MacAskill

The Scottish Government values and appreciates the contribution that our faith communities make to enrich Scotland socially, culturally and economically. Our Sikh community is a vital part of our cultural heritage and continues to play an important and valued part in our national life.