Report from Sikhi Camp 2019

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Glasgow Sikhi Camp 2019 – Gaviye, Suniye, Maniye

The much-awaited annual event in the Glasgow Gurdwara calendar – Sikhi Camp – took place from 5th to 7th August. More than 150 campers, ranging from 4 to 16 years of age, attended the camp, coming from all over Scotland. This year’s camp theme was Guru Nanak & his legacy reflecting the celebration of the 550th year of the founder of Sikhi. Read on for some camp highlights and see the 2 min highlight video.

The camp created an inspirational, fun and friendly atmosphere for children and youngsters to learn from others & experience Sikhi. This year’s activities ranged from reflection on Guru Nanak’s life and message, including sharing of Udaasian and other Janam-Saakhis through presentations, storyboards and role-plays. There was reflection on Guru Nanak’s life companions and the lessons sangat members can gain from those experiences to enhance their journey towards a Gursikh jeevan (life).

The campers also explored several facets of visiting the Gurdwara Sahib including how to do Prakash Seva of Guru Granth Sahib with some even showing their skills with taking Hukamnama and doing Ardas. A popular camp innovation, being trialed for a few years, was a session on ‘practical Gurmat’, explaining abstract Gurmat concepts through hand-on physical experiments. Another camp highlight, as in previous years, was the camp quiz, which ended with a nail-biting finish, and allowed the campers to reflect on their three days of Sikhi learning.

The youngest of the campers were particularly enthusiastic about creating posters and birthday cards for Guru Nanak to mark his 550th birth anniversary. The older group of campers were introduced to sessions such as correct bani recitation, how to best share information on Sikhi using technology, and how to tie a cracking turban!

Sevadars at Glasgow Gurdwara (Albert Drive) have received really positive feedback from parents and other sangat members for this annual initiative. The sevadars are particularly thankful to members of the Managment Committee, the langar organizers, and most importantly the parents and guardians of the campers for encouraging their children and ward to attend this wonderful experience. We hope to further build on this experience in the coming years. For your suggestions and much-needed support, please email