Glasgow Doors Open Day 2019: Visitor Guidance

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What to expect when visiting The Glasgow Gurdwara:

Visitors will be greeted at the door by one of the Glasgow Gurdwara Sewadars (volunteers). Everyone visiting the Gurdwara is required to remove their shoes in designated marked areas and cover their head. Hats and hoodies are not permitted, You may bring along your own head scarf, alternatively square cloth pieces ‘rumale‘ are available for visitors.

Tours every half hour (10am – 4pm) will be available Friday 20th & Saturday 21st September 2019 and everyone from all faiths, communities and backgrounds are welcome. Sunday 22nd September is a busy day of worship, hence we are unable to offer guided tours.

You do not need to book a tour, just turn up and volunteers will take you on the 20 – 25 mins tour culminating with an opportunity to savour some traditional Punjabi delicacies.

(Please note, the Gurdwara is a family-friendly attraction and a faith-based institution and visitors should not enter under the consumption of, or in the possession of, alcohol or cigarettes. Glasgow Gurdwara volunteers may refuse entry to visitors).


The tours of the Gurdwara are approximately 20 – 25 minutes. Groups of all sizes are welcome.  The tour will consist of the following format:

  • An introduction of what happens at the Gurdwara on a day-to-day basis.
  • Following this introduction, the group will be led upstairs to the Darbar Hall (prayer hall).
  • The tour guide will provide information on Guru Granth Sahib Ji – the Sikh Holy Scripture, and the importance the Scripture has in the Sikh faith and Sikh services.
  • The group will then be led downstairs to the Langar Hall to experience Langar in action. There is also a permanent Sikh History exhibition in this Hall. This is where the tour will conclude.
  • Visitors are free to ask questions that they may have.

Glasgow Gurdwara (Albert Drive) has been an enthusiastic supporter of Glasgow Doors Open Day and over the last many years we have hosted thousands of visitors.

Top Tips:

  1. Nearest train station is Pollokshields East
  2. We have free Car Parking for Visitors and a Bike Stand
  3. Charge up your phones and cameras and feel free to take photos of the Gurdwara
  4. We are fully accessible and we have a Lift to all floors, extra wheelchairs and Accessible toilets.
  5. We are also next door to Tramway and the Hidden Gardens – a must if you are nearby!

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Photos from previous Doors Open Day events:

Local Scouts Group earn their "Faith Badge"

Local Scouts Group earn their “Faith Badge”

Caroline Lucas MP & Patrick Harvie MSP visit the community

Caroline Lucas MP & Patrick Harvie MSP visit the Gurdwara

Great British Bake Off star James Morton and dad Tom Morton visit Glasgow Gurdwara