Glasgow Adult Sikhi Camp 2020

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Glasgow Sikhi Camp 2020 –“Grihast, household and parents”

The much-awaited event in the Glasgow Gurdwara calendar – Adult Sikhi Camp – took place on 29th February. More than 50 adults ranging from 17 to 75 years of age, attended the camp. This year’s camp theme was Grihast-household and parents, which emphasised the importance of family life and parenting. Read on for some camp highlights.

The camp created an inspirational, fun and friendly atmosphere for adults to learn from others & experience Sikhi. This year’s activities ranged from reflection on importance of Gurbani Nitnem, Challenges faced by parents, Sikh Rehat Maryada (what, where and how) and importance of evening nitnem. Adults actively participated in Reharas Sahib recitation and had discussions on scenarios framed around parenting and family life. There was reflection on the meanings of Rehras Sahib, Sohila Sahib and the lessons sangat members can gain from this to enhance their journey towards a Gursikh jeevan (life).

Overall, this camp offered a contemplative and reflective environment to work on personal development through various activities, educational presentations, and group discussions. The range of topics allowed adults to reflect on challenges faced by parents and skills which are required to foster positive relationships in the family. Sessions provided a deeper insight on building meaningful relationships in our life and key themes of householder living and parenting were explored

Sevadars at Glasgow Gurdwara (Albert Drive) have received really positive feedback from sangat members for this annual initiative. The sevadars are particularly thankful to members of the Management Committee, the langar organisers, and most importantly the adults for attending this camp. We hope to further build on this experience in the coming years. For your suggestions and much-needed support, please email