Since opening, we have welcomed 50,000 visitors a year, on average. An extraordinary number of people visit Glasgow Gurdwara every week, from local residents to community groups, to schools and universities, to famous personalities and politicians. We are 4-Star accredited by VisitScotland, the national tourism agency, and we would be delighted to host you at the Glasgow Gurdwara for your very own guided tour!

How to arrange a visit:

All are welcome at the Glasgow Gurdwara. You are able to arrange a visit by email or by coming into the Gurdwara and speaking to a Volunteer in the office.

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What to except when visiting the Glasgow Gurdwara:

Visitors will be greeted at the door by one of our many Glasgow Gurdwara Ambassadors. Everyone visiting the Gurdwara is required to remove their shoes and wear a head scarf (hats and hoodiess are not permitted). Tours will be available throughout the week and everyone is welcome. (Visits should be booked in advance via email or by calling 0141-423-8288)


The tours of the Gurdwara are approximately 45 minutes. Groups of all sizes are welcome.  The tour will consist of the following format:

  • An introduction of what happens at the Gurdwara on a day-to-day basis.
  • Following this introduction, the group will be led upstairs to the Darbar Hall (prayer hall), Educational Suite and Sachkhand Room.
  • The tour guide will provide information on the Guru Granth Sahib and the role that the Holy Scriptures play in the Sikh faith.
  • The group will then be taken into the Darbar Hall (prayer hall). When leaving the Darbar Hall, classrooms and other facilities will be covered along with their purposes.
  • The group will then be led downstairs to the Langar Hall. This is where the tour will conclude.
  • Visitors are free to ask any questions that they may have and are also welcome to share in a meal.
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